Wednesday, February 23, 2005


What’s Their Point?

There are lots of sites and forums to debate one's causes. If you really want to watch an overblown comedy show, check out the debates that occur regularly regarding Noam Chomsky -- the MIT Socialist who's paid to be a linguist.

Those who collect Chomsky tomes, tapes, and videos (a lock of hair perhaps?) will ramble to no end citing facts (true, questionable, and bogus) to prove…what?

If you just believed in Jesus, Mohammad, Amway, or Noam Chomsky, all would be right with the world.

Okay, let's say Chomsky is a "genius" (I’d agree he's smart). Let's go further, and say he's right about America. Lets say America is a rather bad country, that it has done a disproportionate amount of bad things, and is marked historically by racism, classism, and imperialism (there are plenty of non-“geniuses” that have come to the same partisan conclusions).

The Left’s choice in what systems and countries to “critique” and which ones they let slide is cause for speculation. Either way, I can’t help but feel that holding one’s own country in disdain is, in itself, somehow despicable, particularly in view of the other options so often defended by the weasels of Left-land. Of course, healthy criticism is a good thing and is one of the benefits of an open system of government. There is, however, such a thing as the one-sided partisan attack, and this is where Chomsky and his ilk appear to come from on the spectrum of "healthy criticsm." Either one believes that people like Chomsky are somehow oppressed by their country or that they have some magical sympathy for truth and goodness that motivates them, which may, after all, be what they are really getting at; they are superior in insight, knowledge, and affection for people they have nothing in common with, and if we don’t share their dislike for America that makes us…?

So what’s the real point the adoring roadies of Chomsky fanfare are trying to make? If I were to say, "You’re right! I agree with everything you say and I think Chomsky is really cool.” What would we then do, don party hats and throw a Chomsky party?

It’s just assumed that if we read Chomsky’s books (often just transcribed lectures), listened to the tapes, and watched the videos of his lectures, then we would all agree with him and, perhaps, like our country less – boy, are we missing out.

Actually, I think Chomsky-ism is just a boring religion for socialist nerds who hate more common folks. I admittedly have no footnotes to back that up (Chomsky types really like footnotes – preferably to other anti-U.S. icons). When I hear or read of Chomsky’s bland intellectual indictments I come away feeling that his main points are really nothing new, that they’re no different than the thousands of other stale rants heard from neo-Marxist / new and old left "thinkers" – but that’s just me.

How do we exactly meet the persuasive goals of a Chomskyite? Take that flag down on the July 4th? Apologize to Al Qaeda? Reinstall Soviet communism everywhere it's been vanquished? Double the size of the already inefficient bureaucracy to further, "[not] address human needs?" Punish wealth and success (The Left’s favorite)?

While some of Chomsky's followers would no doubt favor such strategies, I sense in the fervor of their "message" that the real point they're making is that they are somehow cooler than those of us who still admire our country’s system, history, and impressive record of good. Okay, maybe we’re wrong. Maybe we just suck and the socialist nerd of MIT is a genuine hero.

And your point is…?

Thanks! A gift certificate may actually be in order. Surely someone can help me get the cash together to open a chain of capitalist oppression theme restaurants where it could be used at. "The Golden Superstructures." Waitresses could cower before the horrors of kitchen death squads and middle class mores, while the cutlery industrial complex greedily pursues its agenda.

Would Chomsky tip well? Would he order desert? ...Does the guy even go to restaurants?

Perhaps a gift certificate to Wal-Mart may be more in order.

Stalin murdered millions and he had time for bows...
...they just ain't proletarian enough. Revolutionary spirit never comes with a side of fries. Also, many academic dweebs had onced worked for a summer in a restaurant and have never forgotten the humiliation of having to work for "the man" (being such geniuses and all).

Actually, I worked in restaurants (as both oppressor and oppressee), but I rather liked the side of fries.

Starbucks rules. Ward Churchill grovels...and Chomsky, he just gives lectures and someone transcribes them for the great "revoltionary" intellectual wet dream. [ain't it all so pathetic].
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